Chinese language is helpful for jobs in CPEC projects, Zhang Heqing

By: Naz Parveen
The Islamabad based Cultural Counselor of Peoples Republic of China, His Excellency, Mr. Zhang Heqing has said that both Pakistan and China are bind in immortal friendship and we believe, that our friendly relationships would be further strengthened with the passage of time.
He was addressing the graduation ceremony of the first ever batch of Chinese language learners passed out from China Window at a colourful ceremony in Peshawar.Sajjad Ahmad, General Manager of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation and Other diplomats were also present on the occasion. In his brief remarks, Mr. Zhang Heqing further observed that although, their homeland China is passing through one of the testing hours of their history because of spread of New Corona Virus, yet we are struggling with courage and commitment and bear the confidence to overcoming the situation. Rather, he said, we will emerge as a nation with much strength and competence from the confronting difficulties. In this critical time, Mr. Zhang Heqing said, we have received the messages of solidarity from the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan with deep welcome and appreciation. However, he added, we have already overcome the problem of New Corona Virus to a great extent and the ratio of the fresh patients suffering from New Corona Virus is in decreasing trend.
The Chinese Cultural Consular while mentioning the importance of CPEC said , “it is the project of tremendous importance, when it comes to ensuring accelerated economic development of Pakistan and the coming months and years will bring much better output of the ongoing initiatives”. He also highly appreciated the good gesture on part of China Window; a Chinese cultural centre in shape of hosting free of cost China language classes and said that it would be helpful to the respective candidates in seeking job opportunities under the joint venture projects under CPEC projects during the time to come in particular. He also conceded to a proposal to sponsor scholarships for the two top position holders of the language classes in China on merit basis. Mr. Zhang Heqing also disclosed that 100 special scholarships will be provided to the Afghan as well as the students hailing from merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, studying in University of Peshawar.
The General Manager of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation, Mr. Sajjad Ahmad also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the importance of learning Chinese language. Learning Chinese language, he said, offers better opportunities to work especially as tour operators in the time to come in articular. He also announced three month internships for the candidates who would be passed out from the Chinese language learning classes. Mr. Sajjad Ahmad expressed the confidence that they would also enjoy cooperation from Peoples Republic of China in the field of tourism as well. Hopefully, he added, the numbers of the visitors of Gandhara civilization would be increased manifolds.
Prominent Educationist, Mr. Akhtar Amin also addressed the ceremony and welcomed the initiatives of the China Window for promoting China language. He expressed the confidence that the China language learning classes will be continued. Later on the Chinese Cultural Consular gave away certificates to the graduates of the China language learning classes while the General Manage of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Corporation presented a shield to the chief guest as a token of his visit to Peshawar.
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