Good relations with the neighboring countries are very important, says CG Iran Ali Banafsha Khah

Peshawar July 19, 2023

Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Peshawar, Ali Banafsha Khah, has said that the Chinese Cultural Center established in Peshawar can play an important role in the people to people contact between Pakistan and Iran in addition to Pakistan-China friendship. He expressed these views. On the occasion of his visit to Chinese Cultural and Information Center China Window. The Iranian Consul General visited various galleries of the center, signed on the friendship wall and recorded his comments in the guest book.

Talking to media he said that in the context of the current situation in the region, good relations with the neighboring countries are very important. On the one hand, China is a friendly country of Pakistan, and on the other hand, the relations between Iran and Pakistan are also very strong and they believe that the friendship between the two countries can be further strengthened by exchanging delegations at the public level. Ali Banafsha Khah further said that the China Window and the Iranian cultural center Khana Farhang Iran can also play an important role in promoting the friendship between Pakistan, China and Iran and enlightening each other’s culture.

The Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that he has made every possible effort and desire that Iranian delegations from different walks of life visit Peshawar and personalities from different fields from Peshawar visit Iran on reciprocal bases, such visits strengthen mutual ties. Ali Banafsha Khah expressed hope that China Window will also lead to the awareness of the people about the fruits of economic and economic development of CPEC. On the completion of 10 years of CPEC, Consul General Ali Banafsha Khah was also presented with a shield by administrator of China Window.

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