I found the working of China Window impressive Says Yao Jing

By: Shakil Ur Rehman

PESHAWAR September 19,2019 : The Pakistan based Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Yao Jing  has said, the CPEC project is bound to contribute a role of milestone in further strengthening the exemplary friendly relationships between his country and Pakistan.  “I feel really pleased to place on record that the Government of Pakistan is putting its every possible effort to facilitating in ensuring accelerated pace of implementation on this historic project”, he said.

He was addressing as the chief guest at a prestigious ceremony arranged by China Window, Peshawar at its premises in connection with 70th National Day of Peoples Republic of China.   The distinguished guest also spoke to media persons present on the occasion.  Beyond doubt, Mr. Yao Jing said, the CPEC will also contribute towards boosting up economic activities in Central Asian States.  While referring to pace of progress on CPEC in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the ambassador said, that the under implementation six major projects including Suki Kinari Hydel Power Development scheme  are expected to share highly crucial role in materializing the expectations pinned with it.   With this, he remarked, not only the power needs will be eased in the province but extra employment opportunities will also be generated for the respective people.  In this connection, he said, the Rashakai Economic Zone on fully commissioning is expected to revolutionize the ground realities, when it comes to promoting employment opportunities.  This single project, he said, will have the capacity to creating 0.15 million jobs.

Appreciating the spirit of welcome accorded to him on the occasion, Mr. Yao Jing said, “I have been rearing special attachment in my heart towards citizens of Peshawar and wish for their well-being”.  On a point, Mr. Yao Jing said, we also desire to do more for humanitarian uplift under the second phase of CPEC.    “We also do realize that a number of traders and businessmen have been visiting China on frequent basis and it is our utmost effort to ease visa issuing process for the trading community”, the ambassador said.  He also assured due support and patronage on his part to further strengthening the working of China Window.

Earlier, the Chinese ambassador accompanied by certain members of the Chinese embassy went round various sections and galleries of the China Window.  He especially evinced keen interest in the gallery dedicated to project history and culture of People’s Republic of China and appreciated the level of approach to promoting knowhow about Chinese people.  He also inaugurated Web Portal of China Window.  Meanwhile, talking to media persons, the Chinese ambassador said, “I found the working of China Window impressive and being second time here over a period of almost just one year, also reflects level of my interest in its working”.  He also hinted to make it convenient that delegations representing various walks of life may visit China. Before leaving for Islamabad he also posed for a snap with scenic background inscribed with historic China wall.   Earlier, the Ambassador formally launched a magazine, titled “China Window magazine” which carries news and views on CPEC and of course working of China Window as well.

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