International delegates delighted during visit of China Window Peshawar

Peshawar (China Window News)

Prominent sports journalists from European and Asian countries have said that they had heard a lot about the friendship between Pakistan and China, but a visit to China Window, a Chinese cultural and information center established in Peshawar, has proved that the friendship between Pakistan and China are Iron Brothers.

President Asian Sports Journalists Federation AIPS ASIA Hee Don Jung signing on friendship wall during his visit to China Window (Photo: Aamir Khan)

These views were expressed by the delegates of Korea, Romania ,Hungary, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nepal, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia while talking to media after visiting the China window. Organisered briefed the delegates about Pakistan-China relations. Asian Sports Journalists Federation president Hee Don Jung from Korea said that he came to know about the China Window through social media and was not sure that he would ever visit Peshawar and get a chance to see the China Window. China is also far ahead in the world of sports and they also got a chance to learn about the achievements of Chinese athletes at the China Window. Other delegates also described the China Window as a beautiful cultural center and a masterpiece of Pakistan-China friendship.

Delegates from nine European and Asian Countries visiting China Window Peshawar (Photo: Aamir Khan)
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