A Visiting Us Delegation Visits China Window

Peshawar (China Window News)The numbers of visitors of China Window are in the increasing trend with every passing day.  Although the practice remained suspended in wake of Covid-19 threats for some time, yet the total strength of visitors had jumped to 20,000 over a period of 16 months earlier.  Lately a delegation from USA was received at the China Window.  Amongst the delegates were: Mr. Timothi A. James and Mr. Mike Crow who also went round various galleries of the institution.  They were impressed of the economic development of the People’s Republic of China and described it un-forgettable.  While commenting on establishment of China Window, they said, “its’ a fantastic addition”.

Meanwhile, a number of foreign dignitaries have also visited China Window from time to time and amongst them were also the citizenship holders of Hong Kong, Netherland, Great Britain, People’s Republic of China and Canada.   Since, the cultural institution remained closed for much time during the current year due to threats of Covid-19, therefore, the number of visiting guests are also recorded lesser as against the desired target.   However, the administration of the institution is hopeful to achieve their targets by the end of the year.

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