China Window –
A Driver to Changing the Mindset of the People

China Window, as it is clear by the name, it really is a window – when you open, it presents a beautiful picture of China.

China Window, over a short period of time has become a great center of attraction in Peshawar. This has become possible because of hard work done by its team under the able and sincere leadership of Amjad Aziz Malik. Visitors ranging from politicians to dignitaries, members of establishment, civil servants, media personalities, free society delegations, famous sportsmen, writers, poets, social workers have been finding a source of knowledge and attraction. Amongst the team guests, students from schools, colleges and universities are the regular visitors of the window.

n a special request, Saturday has been fixed as family day. Students and visitors share their experiences through pictures on social media. All the activities and visits are regularly updated on the official page of China Window on face book. This page is closely followed by a large number of followers. China Window is also changing the mindset of people regarding CPEC. It is playing a great role in introducing the positive image of CPEC. One such example is that of Ameer Haider Khan Hoti; a former Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and now the member of National Assembly.On March 2018, addressing a press conference, he said that CPEC was not playing a significant role for KP. Its projects and benefits were only for Punjab and Sindh, while KP was ignored. But after paying a visit to China Window on 8th Feb, 2019, his opinion was totally changed. While addressing a large number of media present in window, he said that CPEC was proving to be a game changer for KP.

He said that CPEC will have long reaching effects upon Pakistan economy. He further emphasized that local and foreign investors should invest in KP, CPEC projects.

China Window is a great inspiration for students from schools, colleges, universities. Who during their visit, are briefed in detail about China’s glorified past, its historical achievements, milestones and places. For example: China’s Great wall, Potala palace, Temple of Heaven, forbidden city, Yellow River etc. Students are educated in detail about each of the places; their historical significance as well as the other visitors. Students show a great interest in China’s new inventions and achievements. They are briefed about polar station Kunlun, and work done in its observatory – how Chinese moon rover landed on dark side of moon, making it to become the first country in the world to plant a mini garden on the moon.

University and college level students show special interest in scientific achievements of China and seek further information on the subjects of their choice. They are updated on Hong Kong – Macau Bridge, NEVS (New Energy Vehicles), C919 airplanes, H.S.R (High speed railways), space programs etc. They are told that China used to be a very poor country, but through sheer hard work, punctuality and sincerity of its people, it became the most developed nation of the world. Truly the students are greatly inspired by unity and hard work habit of the Chinese people.

The nature, state and scope of further cementing the Pak China friendly relationships with special focus on historical facts are described to the visitors through pictures of our presidents and prime ministers visited China from time to time. An entire wall at the premises is dedicated to CPEC whereupon its various projects are displayed in pictures. Visitors are told about the CPEC’s significance from economic and social benefits towards betterment of the Pakistani.

A number of books – ranging from Chinese history to culture, music, food, folk talks, acrobatics, and calligraphy etc. are also shelved in the window. Most of the transcriptions are translated into English and Urdu. Short story books – full of pictures are of great interest for the children.

One most important role that China Window contributes, is training arrangements for students – how to behave with Chinese visitors in their city in particular. They are told to go over them, smile say Ni hao’, and shake hands, so as to make them welcome and feel at home. As they are our guests here, so we should be polite to them. Every guest reaching at the China Window, is led to central part of the building which is decorated with a blue fiber glass roof and a beautiful fountain in middle. It is a circular shaped premises wherein large size paintings are displayed.

Many of the pictures are of Chinese athletes and sports oriented activities. Guests are briefed about Chinese achievements in sports, especially in Olympics. The visiting sportsman expresses tremendous interest in details when they are told that the Chinese government spends millions of dollars on training of sportspersons.

There is a video room called small theater with the seating capacity of thirty persons wherein the visitors are entertained with display of documentaries. A number of documentaries of 4-5 minutes duration are uploaded here which includes the Great Wall of China, terracotta, soldiers of Xian, CPEC, 40 years of reforms, China’s political system, circus and panda for Kids. People from every walk of life show keen interest in the short documentaries and enjoy.

One major hit is Chinese traditional dresses. Boys and girls wear them complete with head dressing and pose proudly in front of Pictures. Dignitaries then are managed to be seated on a desk, where they express their feelings about their visit and record comments in the book. The lawn is decorated with pictures of traditional dances of China. A large 3 D picture of great wall is of a special attraction. Visitors after having taken their pictures over there – later on share the snaps on face book, as if they are in China in reality. The lawn has been developed with lush green grass and pretty plants. Visitors are then led to be seated in a beautifully decorated drawing room and served with refreshments.

Window has very recently started a Chinese language learning class, a course of three months, which is attended by students, doctors, professionals, journalists etc. Since the China Window is getting popular day by day, the institutions whose students had visited it, have been approaching with the offer to accommodate its stall in their exhibitions, taking place on different occasions. On 15th Feb we displayed our stall in Cantonment board school which has been declared the best one. Pretty students wearing traditional Chinese dresses were found of major attraction. China Window displayed books, pictures of 40 years of reforms, food items, Chinese hangings and lanterns. A large number of participants highly appreciated China Window and showed keen interest in the stalls. On 21st February, the China Window displayed a stall at the CPEC focused exhibition held at the College of Home Economics, a subsidiary institution of the University of Peshawar. Mr. Shahrahm Khan, senior minister of the provincial government was the Chief Guest. He greatly appreciated China Window’s stall. A large number of students from Home Economics College and adjacent universities paid visit to the stall and took interest in books and dresses displayed. China Window was given great coverage by media present on the occasion. On5th March, the China window displayed its stall in Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Peshawar. The President of Women Chamber of Commerce was the Chief Guest on the occasion. A very large number of students along with family members visited the stall; showed interest in Chinese culture and asked a lot of questions.

They also expressed the wish to visit China Window. Girl students took turn to wear colorful Chinese traditional dresses and had their photographs taken. Through these stalls we were able to reach a large number of people hailing from all walks of life. With all such achievements, we are ambitiously engaged from the forum of China Window to further cementing the bonds of friendly and brotherly relationships at the people to people level amongst both the neighboring countries. This is also worth mentioning that in first 15 months more than 18000 people from different walks of life including Seven Ambassadors including Chinese Ambassador of different Countries , Governor KP, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of KP Assembly , Provincial Ministers ,Members Senate, National and Provincial Assembly visited this state of the art place.

China Window also playing vital role to bring people of both Countries together and that was the reason Window arranged Pakistan National Day celebrations twice in 2019 and 2020.Governor KP Shah Farman and Adviser to Chief Minister on Information Ajmal Wazir graced the occasion. China Window a heading one step more organized essay competition on Pak China Friendship and the role of CPEC in the economy of Pakistan in which more than 600 students from different School and Colleges took part.

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