Agriculture has a huge role to play in the CPEC

By: Nawab Nasrullah

Word CPEC means China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. CPEC is not limited to one word not only Pakistan and China will benefit from the change that is coming and will come, but it will also change the destiny of the entire region. CPEC that changes will come and are coming within Pakistan. Among them are Power Energy, Roads, Industries, Dams, Railways and many more. Which are likely to change.
This is turning Pakistan’s infrastructure into a modern day one. Dams are being built due to which the power crisis in Pakistan will be overcome. And so the motorways have become something and some have become complete. Whereas it used to take seven hours to travel from one city to another, now that journey has been reduced from those seven to eight hours to three hours and thirty minutes. 
On the one hand, these motorways are open and tidy and on the other hand, there are high alert security and rest points where you can relax as well as eat if you are tired of driving.Peoples traveling on these roads are provided with all kinds of security. If you have a problem with your car, the motorway police will be ready to help you just a call away.
The condition of railways has improved with CPEC. The way ML One has been upgraded and its speed has been increased even more than before. The Orange Line is also included. The Orange Line also has a big role to play in the CPEC. The Orange Line also has a big role to play in the CPEC. In this project, Chinese companies are working in Pakistan, which is providing employment to people in Pakistan. 
CPEC will benefit not only Pakistan but all the countries in Central Asia. Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey are some of the important beneficiaries of this project.The port used for all these countries will be Gwadar port. Gwadar is such a blessing for Pakistan. In the future, Gwadar Port will be number one in the world. Because the largest trade in the world will be done through Gwadar port. The cricket ground in Gwadar is so beautiful that it is the most beautiful ground in the world. Gwadar Port plays a huge role in other trade as well as fish trade.
Agriculture has a huge role to play in the CPEC. The way agriculture is being reformed. This will bring a huge change in Pakistan’s agriculture. Many Chinese companies are also working on agriculture in Pakistan. Total Pakistan is an agricultural country. If Pakistan’s agriculture improves, Pakistan will become one of the developed countries of the world. Because Pakistan’s traders are all dependent on agriculture.
By the time the CPEC is completed, Pakistan’s name will be among the developed countries. This project will be a great help to Pakistan’s economy.Because a strong economy will be a strong Pakistan.
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