China is the time tested friend of Pakistan. Shah Farman Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

PESHAWAR :Mr. Shah Farman, Governor of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan has said, creation of Pakistan was the warranted reality of the time and no one can deny this fact.  Establishment of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Indian Sub-continent was must which later one become their national identity.  The fact should be accepted by opponents of the division of Indian continent as well.  He was talking during his visit to China Window – a Peshawar based cultural centre.  The event was arranged to celebrate the Independence Day of the Country, the 14th of August.  On this Day in 1947, Pakistan was emerged on the world map. The Governor also addressed a colourful ceremony wherein a large number of prominent figures from various walks of life were in attendance.  Paying rich tributes to the Father of the Nation, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Governor said, he indeed had made the nation proud on his achievements by enabling them to lead their lives in line with their aspirations and with dignity.  Today, he remarked, what the world observes in shape of discriminatory treatment on part of Indian government towards its minorities, especially the Muslim Community in India, offers sufficient justification as far as creation of Pakistan is concerned.  The miserable life condition of minorities in India whose just rights are usurped on daily basis further supplements the stance, which had been vocally and successfully pursued by the movers of the Pakistan Movement.  Contrary to that, the Governor said, the rights of minorities in Pakistan are constitutionally guaranteed.  The Governor also welcomed the good gesture of the brotherly neighboring country, Peoples Republic of China to actively sharing the Independence Day pleasantries of the Pakistanis and said China is the time tested friend of Pakistan. Beyond doubt, he added, we as a nation have always found the Peoples Republic of China shoulder to shoulder to us as a trusted friend in every hour of test upon which every Pakistani feels proud.  In this connection, the Governor particularly mentioned the role of China Pakistan Economic Corridor oriented projects and said, with every passing day, the economic activities are enhanced in our country and the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also bears no exception.  The situation, he remarked, is bound to bring economic prosperity in the lives of the respective people as well.  The Governor, Mr. Shah Farman also welcomed the establishment of China Window in Peshawar and described it a memorable achievement on part of its founders in particular.  It equally offers an enterprising opportunity to Peshawarites in particular to enriching their knowledge on life and developments in China.  Earlier, the Governor went round various sections and galleries of the China Window and took highly keen interest in their working.  He also cut a cake to mark the Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations at the premises of China Window.



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