China Window is amazing says Vice President Changhong Ruba

PESHAWAR: March 01, 2021 ( China Window News) China Window pleased to receive Mr.Spark Vice President of Changhong Ruba along with Mr. Peter and Shahab of Haq Electronics. Guests evinced keen interest in the rare pictures that were put on display at the picture gallery. They said that the art gallery established at the China Window Centre would help the people to get information about Chinese culture and China. Mr.Spark said he will describe everything in one word that China Window is amazing.

Mr.Spark Vice President Changhong Ruba visiting China Window Peshawar

Mr.Spark said he is feeling at China while visiting this beautiful place. He assured all possible help for the China Window. This is worth mentioning that Changhong, China’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer with a presence in more than 110 countries has shaken hands in collaboration with the Ruba Group to launch its co-brand “Changhong Ruba” and flat-panel category products. Changhong’s higher management from China and Ruba Group graced the launch ceremony of the brand in Pakistan back in 2011. Changhong Ruba with its planned approach and marketing strategy seems all set to bring about a change in the market and set new quality standards that would allow Pakistani consumers to enjoy a wide range of electronics at affordable prices.

Mr.Peter of Changhong Ruba in front of Great Wall while visiting China Window Peshawar


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