Muslims in China are very happy and living a good life, Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi

Peshawar ( China Window News )

Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi, a prominent religious scholar from Peshawar, says Pak-China friendship is very strong and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC  will be an important milestone in Pakistan’s economic development. He expressed these views during his visit to China Window. He visited various galleries of the State of the Art Chinese Cultural and Information Center in Peshawar and expressed keen interest in them.

Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi visiting China Window

Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi also recorded his impressions in the guest book. He said that the children of religious schools also need to visit China Window so that they get acquainted with the culture of the neighboring country.

Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi writing his views in the guests book during his visit to China Window

He further said that negative propaganda regarding Muslims in China is being spread by the western media and in order to eradicate it, there should be exchange of delegations of Pakistani and Chinese scholars. Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi said that his friends say. That Muslims in China are very happy and living a good life

Administrator China Window Amjad Aziz Malik presenting China Window magazine to Maulana Arshad Ali Qureshi
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