We are Proud of Pak China Friendship, Leeds City Councilor Gohar Almas Khan

Leeds City Councilor Gohar Almas Khan said that the whole world knows about Pak-China friendship and it is very interesting that every Pakistani in UK gladly mentions Pak-China friendship.

Gohar Almas Khan visiting China Window Peshawar

He expressed these views based in Peshawar. During his visit to China Window, a Chinese cultural center, he visited various galleries of China Window and expressed keen interest in them. Gohar Alman Khan from Dera Ismail Khan has been living in the UK for the last 25 years. He said that he was very happy to visit China Window in Peshawar and he felt that the center is playing a positive and constructive role in Pak-China friendship.

Leeds City Councilor Gohar Almas Khan visiting another galley of China Window

He said that the relations between Pakistan and China are enviable and CPEC  will undoubtedly prove to be a milestone in Pakistan’s economic development. He Also invited Administrator of China Window to visit UK and inform Pakistan community about China Window.

Amjad Aziz Malik presenting China Window magazine to Leeds City Councilor Gohar Almas Khan
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