China Window is the Symbol of Pak China Friendship, says Minister Education KP Meena Khan

Peshawar: April 23, 2024: Provincial Minister for Higher Education Meena Khan Afridi has praised the issuance of scholarships by Chinese universities for Pakistani students, particularly those from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He expressed the desire to cooperate with the Chinese government in the field of education to ensure that Pakistani students receive higher education and contribute to the nation. Afridi shared these views during his visit to China Window, a Chinese cultural center in Peshawar. During his visit, the provincial minister toured various galleries at China Window, signed the friendship wall, and left his comments in the visitor’s book.

Provincial Minister for Higher Education Mr.Meena Khan visiting China Window

Speaking to the media, Afridi mentioned that students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also interested in studying at Chinese universities. However, due to financial constraints, many are unable to fulfill this wish. He urged Chinese universities to offer more scholarships to students from his province, stating that the provincial government is prepared to cooperate fully in the education sector to facilitate this. Afridi emphasized the ideal friendship between Pakistan and China and highlighted the importance of technology transfer in strengthening this bond. He expressed confidence that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would play a significant role in this technology transfer.

Provincial Minister for Higher Education Meena Khan writing his on the visitors book during his visit to China Window

Afridi praised the Chinese Cultural Center in Peshawar as a symbol of Pakistan-China friendship and commended its efforts to promote friendship between the two nations. He particularly appreciated the Chinese language teaching program at China Window. Afridi assured that the provincial government would fully support Pakistan-China relations, especially in terms of public relations. He also mentioned plans to improve the financial status of universities in the province, taking inspiration from the Chinese model. Afridi was briefed about China Window and informed that Chinese institutions are eager to collaborate with the provincial government in promoting education.

Administrator China Window Amjad Aziz Malik presenting China Window magazine to provincial Minister for Higher Education Meena Khan during his visit to the Chinese Culture Center at Peshawar
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